MySQL Master/Slave Management with mysql-master-ha

I decided to take care of my blog. I lost my previous blog backup. How feckless I am! So, I decided to write my first post about High Availability.. ;)
At first sight, you may say “I can do master/slave configuration with 4-5 easy step.” Then you may ask “What is the benefit of mysql-master-ha? ”

Developer of mysql-master-ha says;
“A primary objective of MHA is automating master failover and slave promotion within short (usually 10-30 seconds) downtime, without suffering from replication consistency problems, without spending money for lots of new servers, without performance penalty, without complexity (easy-to-install), and without changing existing deployments.”

Also some featured topics about it.
* Automated master monitoring and failover
* Interactive (manual) Master Failover
* Non-interactive master failover
* Online switching master to a different host
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