FortiOS v5.0 at a glance..

Today I spent a few minutes to review new FortiOS major release version 5.

There are some reasonable changes at GUI.. At first sight, VDOMs are seperated from GLOBAL Menu.. A new feature we can now assign device based rules. Also Policy screen has some modifications .. Now we have to select two types of Policy before creating a new one.

Firewall and VPN.. Actually we had these ones already. But now they are more user-friendly in the GUI.
Firewall policy got three sub-types.. We have to select one of them ( Address , Identity Based or the new one “Device Identity” )..VPN policy has also 2 types. as you can guess.. SSL and IPSEC..

Device-Based rules has a simple idea behind it. You simply group devices by their MAC addresses. Indeed, we will be able to add MAC-Based Policy from now on..

In short words.. FortiOS v5.0 will not bring incredible features.. It just have some GUI modifications and some minor features against their major release.. But there should be lots of improvement in the background.. I will review it later but at first sight, v5 is disappointment for me.