This RRD was created on another architecture

Just moved cacti DB and RRD files to a new server . After moving RRD from 32bit OS to 64bit OS you will meet
"ERROR: This RRD was created on another architecture" in your http error logs and you will not see your historic graphs.

You should dump your rrd files on 32bit OS and transfer them to your new server(64bit).. Then you should restore your xmls..

on 32bit OS
for i in `find -name "*.rrd"`; do path_to_rrdtool dump $i > $i.xml; done

on 64bit OS
for i in `find -name "*.xml"`; do path_to_rrdtool restore $i `echo $i |sed s/.xml//g`; done

MySQL Master/Slave Management with mysql-master-ha

I decided to take care of my blog. I lost my previous blog backup. How feckless I am! So, I decided to write my first post about High Availability.. ;)
At first sight, you may say “I can do master/slave configuration with 4-5 easy step.” Then you may ask “What is the benefit of mysql-master-ha? ”

Developer of mysql-master-ha says;
“A primary objective of MHA is automating master failover and slave promotion within short (usually 10-30 seconds) downtime, without suffering from replication consistency problems, without spending money for lots of new servers, without performance penalty, without complexity (easy-to-install), and without changing existing deployments.”

Also some featured topics about it.
* Automated master monitoring and failover
* Interactive (manual) Master Failover
* Non-interactive master failover
* Online switching master to a different host
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